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Inspire 2 40 Watt 4160lm w/Remote

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40 Watt ~ 4160 lm with Rechargeable Battery, RF Remote, weights 230 grams

LED Color: White
LED Kelvin: 5000k
Lux 1/f: 4X1600Lux (~7000lm)
Max Watt: 40Watt
Reflector Size: 40mm
Reflector degree: 10 degree
LED Voltage: 6.4V DC
Operating Voltage: 12~ 24V
Material: Fiber-Carbon
Dimension: 65 x 40 x 40mm
Total Weight+Battery: 167g(5.9oz)
Light rotation capability: YES
Remote Control: Optional
Full Warranty: YES, 2 Year


Black, Blue, Green, Pure-White, Red, UV, Warm-White, White